About Me

I am 29 years old.  I taught first grade for 3 years, fourth for 1, and now I am teaching third grade and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  I think teaching is the most rewarding career.  I love waking up to all those smiling faces everyday.

I am married.  My husband, Samuel, helps me with everything from creating custom furniture (I LOVE that he can do this) to cutting out laminated items and grading papers (both of which I hate doing)!  When I am not teaching, I love to do anything that involves using my creativity like scrapbooking and graphic design!  Most of the graphics on this page were designed by me!!!  I have my own Etsy store…ScrapyardCreations and my own TPT store!

Speaking of helping others, I have a have 3 boys (17, 7, and 5) and 2 girls (3 and 8) and I am only 29.  Confused?!?!  I know exactly what you are thinking right now…she is 29 and her oldest son is 16 that means she would have been how old when she had him?!?!  Calm down I was not 12!  We adopted all of our children.  Our lives have been completely turned upside down over the last few years.  I love my amazing, slightly dysfunctional family and wouldn't change it for anything!

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