Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference Time!!!

Well everyone, this is my VERY first blog!  EVER!!!  I am very new at this so I hope that I am doing it right.  I have so many great ideas and I thought it would be a shame to keep them all to myself.  Enjoy :)

I am a little OCD...when it comes to teaching at least!  I like everything in my classroom to be very organized.  I also keep thorough notes about each student because I am very scatterbrained.  I think it is because I have too many ideas in my head at once.  Parent teacher conferences are approaching quickly and I like to have handouts to give the parents.  This helps me remember what I want to talk about (I have a fear of public speaking...when it comes to adults anyways) and it keeps me on track.  There are several different forms that I use for conferences.

First, I send home an initial letter letting the parents know when conferences are.  I let the parents choose their top 3 choices.  As the forms are returned, I number them.  I assign times on a first come first served basis.  I use these forms to make a final conference schedule.

Then, I send home a letter informing the parents of their assigned times.  This letter also includes a survey that the parents complete and return.  This gives me an idea of what the parent would like to talk about.

The day before conferences I will send home a reminder with each student.

For the conference, I prepare a progress report and an "I Can" checklist.  The progress report includes student data/grades, strengths, and areas of concerns.  I use this during the conference as a reference or guide.  

Each nine weeks, I prepare an "I Can" checklist for each student.  I write each skill that we covered that nine weeks.  I quickly assess the students or use my notes and put a check next to each skill that they have mastered.  I give this to the parents as a guide to what the students have mastered and still need to practice. 

I also have the parents sign in to document all the parents who attended the conference.  As an extra special treat this year, I am going to give each parent a small bag of popcorn with a tag that says, "Thanks for popping in!"  I included these in the file!  I used popcorn from a store called NOT JUST POPCORN!  It is amazing and you can purchase different colors and flavors.  

I make cute little folders to put all the testing data, report card, and classroom data in to give to the parents. 

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