Sunday, October 28, 2012

Word Work Activities

I don't know about everyone else, but I get tired of looking up and seeing the students playing at their word work stations instead of working.  I have been searching for recording sheets to use and I found a few, but I was unsuccessful overall.  Therefore, I created my own word work recording sheets.  I created 25 different word work recording sheets that go right along with my word work center instructions.  I don't have one for everyone of them, but there are quite a few.  The students love most of the stations.

Word Work Stations:
  • Pyramid Spelling: Make one letter of the word, then two on the next line, etc. making a pyramid.
  • Hidden Words: Draw a picture and hide the words inside it.
  • Rainbow Write: Write each word with 3 different colors. 
  • Bubble Letters: Write the words with bubble letters.
  • All Smiles: Make a smiley face with the word as the smile.
  • Goofy Letters: Write the words with goofy letters.
  • What's it Worth?: Build the words with scrabble letters and add up the points. 
  • Three Times: Write the word with pencil, crayon, and marker. 
  • What's the Buzz?: Make bees and write the words inside them.
  • Connect the Dots: Make the words with dots and connect them.
  • Rhyme Time: Write the word and a word that rhymes with it. 
  • Crack the Code: Use a code chart to decode a word or make a code for the word. 
  • Playful Words: Use play-doh to make the words.
  • Across & Down: Write the words across then using the first letter write it going down.
  • Colorful Words: Write each letter of the word with a different color. 
  • Shaping Up: Make shapes and write the words inside them.
  • All Aboard: Make a train and write a word in each boxcar. 
  • Dicey Words: Roll a dice and write the word that many times.
  • Word Search: Use graph paper to write the words.  Fill in the rest of the squares with letters.
  • Square Off!: Make squares and write a letter in each square. 
  • Flower Power: Make flowers and write a word in each petal.
  • Stencil it!: Write the word with stencils.
  • Stamp it Out!: Write the word with stamps.
  • Magnetic: Make the word with magnetic letters. 
  • Scrambled Words: Write the word and then scramble up the letters. 
  • Backward Words: Write the word and then write it backwards. 
  • ABC Order: Write the words in ABC order.
  • Upper & Lower: Write the word in capitals and then in lowercase letters. 
  • Type 'Em: Type the words.
  • Bang: Draw a card and read the word.  If you get a bang, give all your cards back.
  • Roll, Read, Keep: Roll a dice and read the card in that box. 
  • Paint It: Paint the words.
  • Creamy Words: Use shaving cream to make the words. 
  • Scratch It: Use the scratch paper from the stores or make it and scratch the words into it.
  • String It Up: Use bead letters to string the words onto necklaces. 
Other word work ideas not included in my pack!
  • Use a thumbtack to punch dots in the word.
  • Write the words with hot glue and the students trace them with crayons.
  • Make paper chains with the words on them.
  • Use the words to write a story. 
  • Make the words using Wikki Sticks or Bendaroos. 
  • Play Boggle.
  • Roll a word (2 consonant and 1 vowel dice) and decide if it is real or nonsense.
  • Roll a word (word dice) and graph them.
  • Use blue to write the consonants and red for vowels.
  • Write the words with markers and make color patterns.
  • Write the words on dry erase boards.
  • Use the words in sentences.
  • Find the words in books.
  • Write the words in sand.
  • Write silly sentences with the words and illustrate.
  • Use a phone and write the number to call that word.
  • Sort the words by syllables. 
  • Write the words on Magna Doodles.
  • Cut the letters from magazines or newspapers. 
Before tests, we like to get up and move and do something fun.  We dribble a ball and spell the words, cheer the words, kick the words, etc. 

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