Friday, December 5, 2014

Class of 2012

I love throwing parties!  I think I could make a great party planner.  So when my sister was graduating from college of course I jumped at the chance to throw her graduation party.  The first thing I did was made an invitation.  My sister majored in photography and journalism so I knew right from the start that a newspaper would be the best invitation.  I even used her picture from the school newspaper on it.

As for the design of the party, I made these clotheslines and I put pictures of my sister and pictures she had taken for photography on them to showcase her work.

No party is complete without a popcorn bar, an apple/marshmallow station, and a candy bar.  These three things are delicious but also cheap!  Popcorn is not complete without some m&ms, nuts, and different flavors to add.  I also put out some apples and marshmallows on shish kabob sticks.  Then, I had lots of yummies to dip them into including hot fudge, peanut butter, nuts, and sprinkles.  These were a hit!  At almost every party I throw I put out a candy bar.  I just go to Party  City and pick out candy that matches the theme of the party!  All of the containers were bought at Dollar Tree, my favorite store!

For drinks, I took strawberry Crush and made some cute little graduation caps for the top.  I just cut a square out of black construction paper and took a piece of yellow ribbon to make these.  I also made some delicious punch.  I just used some sprite, juice, and sherbet for the punch.

I couldn't help but make some beautiful cupcakes for the party.  I found these graduation cupcake papers at Walmart.  On the other cupcakes, I made little diplomas.  They are very simple.  I used Pepperidge Farm creme filled Pirouette Wafers and wrapped a little red ribbon around them.  I also wrote "Congratulations Hanna!" on some of them.

I made these little centerpieces by putting some tissue paper in the bucket to cover the styrofoam, which held up the balloon and the little black graduation toothpicks.  Then, I laid out articles that my sister had written during college.

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