Wednesday, December 3, 2014


So if there is one thing I love as much as teaching it could be planning parties.  It would be awesome if I could just plan amazing parties for people.  I can only imagine the greatness that I could achieve with a huge budget.  As it stands thought my budge isn't huge, but I still host some great parties.

One of my favorite parties that I planned was my baby girl's 3rd birthday.  She wanted a painting party.  It turned out amazing!

First, I sent out these adorable invitations that I made!

I bought a couple rolls of the small duct tape like the one below and put it around the label of the small bottles of water.

I had the bakery make a small cake with a splatter effect on it for the birthday girl.  They also made cupcakes with the same splatter effect on them.  For the party, I put the cupcakes on wooden paint palettes that I had bought at Hobby Lobby.  If they aren't on sale, Hobby Lobby almost always has a 40% off coupon on its website.

I bought black table cloths at Dollar Tree…why spend more than that on something that I am just going to throw away?!  I splattered the table cloth with paint.  I put out small canvases, paper, plastic paint palettes, googly eyes, cups of water, and paint brushes.  I put the paint brushes in aluminum cans that I painted different colors.  The small canvases can be bought at Hobby Lobby, but I would suggest waiting for them to be on sale (I never buy anything at full price there!  They just rotate what is on sale. Or use the coupon on their website!) or you can get them at Walmart.  I also got the paint brushes at Walmart.

I even had shirts that they could paint.  I just bought the packs of t-shirts at Walmart.

I put table cloths as a back drop behind the birthday girl's table.  I put up a clothesline that they could use to hang their artwork to dry and be displayed.

I bought bright, colorful daisies that were both cheap and beautiful.  I displayed pictures of my little princess.  I also decorated the ceiling with table cloths and balloons.

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