Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pinterest Projects!

How many of you LOVE Pinterest?  I know I sure do.  I have often got lost in the moment and spent hours going through pins…thinking to myself this activity will be awesome to do with my class, I have to do this project, this would be so cool to have, how can I make this?

I am a teacher so Pinterest makes my life so much easier.  I can find and share resources with just the touch of a button.  But, there is a downfall to Pinterest.

I don't know about you all, but I have like 5,000 projects on Pinterest that I would love to do!  Every time I see something that I love I pin it and it just sits there.  Occasionally, I go through my pins and think to myself, "Man I should do this project!"  But who has the time to sit and do projects all the time.

I must say that whenever I can find the time, I do try to do some of the projects!  Here are some of my projects that I have completed.

 Took a Ball jar and a soap dispenser pump and hot glued them together to make this awesome mason jar soap dispenser.

 I took an old window, some fabric, and different knobs that I bought at Hobby Lobby to make a necklace holder.

 I painted a canvas different shades of blue and blended them together.  Then, I added chipboard letters that I painted to make this painting.  There is another side that is yellow and it says "I mean pizza" which is the first words my husband said when he met my family in high school.  They had just asked him if he liked pizza!

 I took mason jars and screwed the lids into the bottom of my shelf.  I also used Modge Podge to glue the scrapbook paper on the edges of these shelves.

 I took plate holders and screwed them into the wall to make holders for my scrapbooks. This is great for decoration and easy access for people to view my scrapbooks.

 I used Modge Podge to glue scrapbook paper to the front of these containers to spice them up.

 I took a hand towel bar and some pails to make containers for the dry erase markers and chalk.

 I used a curtain rod to make a place to display my children's artwork.  I need to put cardstock behind the pages to make it more firm so that the pages stay flat.

 I took a glass pitcher and made a vase for my bamboo out of it.

 This is a new and fun way to display your pictures.  I used twine and clothespins to create this.

I took a wood wreath and the flowers to my wedding to make this for my door.  I took mailbox numbers, painted them, and then hot glued them to the wreath.

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