Thursday, December 4, 2014

Paper Bag Reports

When I taught 4th grade we did a lot of projects in class.  This was one of my favorite projects that we did.  First, I took all of the ways that land changes rapidly and ordered them from hardest to easiest.  I put the students in groups of 3 by ability.  I gave the lowest ability group the rapid land change that was the most common or the easiest one to do.  I just continued this until all the groups had a rapid land change.   The groups worked together to read and research information on the computer about their rapid land form change.  Then, they created these paper bag reports.  I gave each of them a rubric so that they could include all the necessary information to complete the report.

  • Cover with a picture and the rapid land change on it
  • 5 facts about the rapid land change with a picture on it
  • 5 pictures from the internet of the rapid land change
  • The cause and effect page including all the effects the rapid land change has on Earth or us

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